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La Chertosa Wines

When Samuele Sebastiani arrived in Sonoma in the 1900's he was completing a journey from Italy which took over two years. He had been enticed to Sonoma by his Uncle Milani who had left their native Tuscan town of Farneta many years earlier. A letter spell-binding Samuele with the promise of Mediterranean-like climate, red soil and no taxes was all it took to get Samuele directed to his future home-valley. “Sam” had learned to make wine at the 14th century monastery, La Chertosa di Farneta and he was more than curious to make a start for himself at his native craft. But he was poor – all he had was a horse and wagon – so he put his assets to work and began hauling cobblestones from the town quarry on Schocken Hill, located behind and above the Sonoma Mission. His Uncle Milani was ahead of him and was building a winery at the base of the hill. Samuele pined to switch places so he saved and saved. He bought a small house in town a few doors from the Plaza (General Vallejo’s) parade ground) on West Spain Street and rented half of it out to boarders. In 1904, his pockets were full enough to buy his winery from his cousin to begin his business. He would sell wine to the quarry workers and to Sonoma stores. In those days many varieties of grapes existed here in the Valley and white and red grapes were routinely blended together for their synergistic effect. – The white grapes softened the harsh edges of the bold red wines. In more modern times we have learned to soften the edge of our red wines by allowing more sunlight on the fruit. Our viticultural practices are making rounder and even fuller wines.

For the interested wine enthusiast our Quarry blend consists of Zinfandel as the primary grape (featuring hints of dark cherries and velvety tones) with Petite Syrah (for depth and backbone) and Barbera (to add texture and aging potential). There will be the primary grapes of this blend varying in percentage depending on the variations of each vintage.

Pricing is $180.00 per case with complementary shipping
(Samuele's Quarry is sold in a 12 bottle case only.)  

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